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It was just a regular day for me. The birds singing and Nicole trying to repair the city after the recent attack. Suddenly, my interdimentional communicator started to ring.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Come in. Come in Star." A voice said over the frecuency.

"Hello? Zonic is that you?" I asked curiously.

"Star I have a mission for you. A strange phenomenon has shown up on all of the zone cops radars. We believe it's linked to this one zone called 'The Ouran Zone'. We also believe the phenomenon may be a chaos emerald from your Prime Zone." He explained.

"I'm on it!" I said as I signed off.

I headed over to Tails' place to see if he wanted to come. But when I asked he said he'd have to answer some other time and proceeded to close the door. Thing is I was set to leave that day. I usually keep a suitcase of extra clothes just in case I have to leave right away. So I grabbed the suitcase from the back of my closet and clipped on my special 'pockets'. I tossed my warp ring and hopped to the other side. I immediatley transformed into an everyday human and continued on my way to find a place to live for a while. Just in case the mission takes too long. I found a cute little appartment with low rent and sticked with it. I had no way in Mobius of figuring out how the chaos emerald got there if Feist was guarding them in the Special Zone. I tried my cha-o-meter; I received a small signal and headed in its direction. After a short walk I reached an incredibly large gate. It was a school; A private school.

"Ouran Academy." I read alound.

(It wouldn't take long to search the place if I could fly.)

I had a tear in my wing that I had gotten in the battle with the death egg and Naugus. It would take weeks to heal, even with my powers. I was going to have to enroll into the school until I find the chaos emerald. I entered the school and took the entrance test. It didn't take long. They assigned me to class A-1. They gave me a map of the school so I wouldn't get lost. I paid for the uniform and was set for my first day at Ouran academy!


I woke up at around 6:30 and took a shower. After that, I tried out my uniform. It was the cutest school uniform I had ever seen! Yet, a bit tacky. I fixed up my hair, covered my birthmark, ate breakfast, and then headed out at around 6:57. You may be thinking I left way too early just to go to school; But the school isn't exactly 'next door'. When I arrived at the front gate I took out my schedule and started looking for my classes. I saw a few cute boys while passing by Music Room#3.

"Oof!" I had bumped into someone!

"Sorry. Are you ok?" said a girlish looking boy with short brown hair and bright brown eyes. cute too.

"Uh. Yeah!" I said getting up.

"Are you new here?" He asked.

"Mmhm." I nodded.

"Would you like me to help you find your classes?" he asked with a smile.

"That'd be nice. Thank you." I answered.

He looked at my schedule and saw I had the same Homeroom as him. I smiled. Then he noticed I had lots of artistic classes and technology based ones too. My schedule was basically like this:

Homeroom: A-1
1st period: Dance
2nd period: Art and painting 1
3rd period: Intro to IT
4th period: Mechanics and engineering 1
5th period: Chorus 1
6th period: Guitar 1
7th period: Home economics

He escorted me to my classes and once the bell rung we walked to homeroom together. I could tell there was something strange with him but I decided to figure that out later. I saw him sit between two guys that looked exactly the same. I showed the teacher my schedule. She asked my name and I responded accordingly.

"Star Kintobor." I said.

"What an interesting name." She responded. "Please take a seat." She continued.

I sat in an empty desk in front of one of the twins, near the window. By the end of the day I had already made 7 friends. All were members from the same club! They asked me if I wanted to come, and I said "Sure. I'll stop by in a while I have to check something in the library."

"Alright, but don't forget!" Said a princley blonde boy.

"Don't worry I won't!" I responded.

I went down a corridor that lead to the nearest library in a hurry to seem convincing enough, and quickly took out my tools to start making a miniarture sized cha-o-meter. That way I could scan during class. After 10 minutes I was done; So I headed over to the music room and boy was I in for a surprise...



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just ask questions. :3

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